Bts hickeys

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Bts hickeys

They may seem innocent enough, but sometimes the side effects of hickeys are pretty bad. In fact, hickeys are one of the most common sex injuries out there.

Hickeys can be bad news bears, to be honest, and not just because your parents grounded you for them in high school. Diana Gall, of DoctorUa confidential online doctor service, tells Bustle. According to Dr. Gall, hickeys can last up to two weeks, depending on the severity of them, slowly dulling in color as each day passes.

Before long you have a nasty looking yellow-brown spot, like any other bruise, that eventually fades completely. But the life of a hickey may not be the biggest concern for you.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The next time your main squeeze goes in for a bite or suck, you may want to reconsider. I mean, they won't kill you well, hopefully notbut they may not be something you want either. Talk it over with your partner and decide on what you're both comfortable with. Although they require much more effort to get than, say, walking into a coffee table or face-planting it on the sidewalk, hickeys really are just bruises.

In some cases, hickeys are intentional bruisesas either a way of "marking" one's territory or because of certain types of sexual play that both partners agree to. While other times they're a total accident. Sandy Skotnickidermatologist and author of Beyond Soaptells Bustle.

As is the case with most things in life, some people are more susceptible to certain things than others. Deficiencies, especially, can make a body react differently with one person than another. According to Skotnicki, people with thinner or more sensitive skin also, for obvious reasons, end up with hickeys much easier than others, especially if that sucking is really hard.

Meaning, that the hickey-giver really wants to leave their mark. But as Gall explains, hickeys and the bruises that they are, are usually nothing to be concerned about "unless you start suddenly bruising more easily, or start noticing other symptoms too.

According to the World Health Organization, 3. I mean, if someone has a visibly open sore and leans in to kiss you, that's definitely poor form on their part.

It's not just rude, but irresponsible. And if you're not into it, let them know. In other words, if your partner has an oral herpes outbreak, save the kissing for another time. Or if you're the one with the outbreak, be responsible and caring enough to not spread it —no matter how much you might be craving your partner.

If there's no cure for bruisesthen you better believe there's no cure for hickeys either. All you can do is treat it like you would a normal bruise. If you weren't able to get to the freezer quickly enough to ease the swelling, then Skotnicki suggests trying arnicawhich is a topical herb that aids in pain and bruising. When it comes to whether not a hickey can leave a scar, the jury is still out.

BTS imagine : The Boys Tease Him/you For Hickey

While Skotnicki says no, Gall says that, in very rare cases, a scar can be left behind or at least some sort of reminder that the hickey once occupied that spot.

The scar is usually small and hopefully in an unnoticeable place though, so no need to worry.Okay, I know this moment happened a while ago but I wanted to make a little explanation about, based on what other analyzers have said. And this was in April. Kookie was playing a 4D combat shooting game. Now, a LOT of people said that it was from stress.

But I disagree. First, if there was a red-like 'rash' from stress, most likely BigHit should let us know so ARMY wouldn't freak and get worried. So, why didn't they say anything if it was from so-called stress? But, okay. Maybe it could be that. However, I saw something else that doesn't add up: with Taehyung.

I should know. When I was younger, I'd scratch so much on my thighs due to anxiety.

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But there was just red marks, looking like I got cut. Just like on Tae's neck.

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Now, Tae's scratches are on the left side of the neck, while Jungkook's 'hickey' on right. There has to be a story to it. How are each on the opposite side of their necks.? I have a theory but this is just me :. Taehyung and Kookie are hungrily making out. Or it's a good chance it was just a tad rough passionate kiss session.

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Like, space in non-existent to Taekook. Taehyung let go of Kookie's lips and headed toward the neck. Guess he knows that's his sensitive spot. He bit hard and sucked. It is often done in the heat and height of passion, out of an in-dept desire for the other person.

Kookie's immediate action was You guessed it to scratch - on the left side of hyung's neck. When Tae finished there was a reddish spot. I'm not entirely sure when it happened but I am highly convinced that something happened between the two.

It's strict when it comes to homosexuality or some type of closeness between the same sex. It's practically avoided in public which kinda sucks.

Did they get rough? (hickey + scratch)

Remember when Kookie got angry because him and Tae had to separate? Again, this is my personal observation and opinion. I am not taking this too seriously - just a bit, because I live for this ship.

Hope you enjoyed this little theory thing. This website saves cookies to your browser in order to improve your online experience and show you personalized content. Read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy to get more information and learn how to set up your preferences. I like making theories about them, don't judge me. The first piece of evidence was on Jungkook's neck: Kookie was playing a 4D combat shooting game.

Likes You rolled your eyes. You slipped in your shoes and Jin helped you get in your coat. You wanted to leave together with the other boys to get something to eat and you all stood in the entrance and waited for Taehyung who clearly took his time to get dressed. You turned around after you got into your coat and lowered the hem of your shirt to reveal the hickeys he left last night.

Jin raised both eyebrows and pushed your hem back up, while he started to giggle. You were busy cutting the vegetables as Hoseok came closer from behind with his eyes fixed on your neck. You covered your neck with your hand and immediately turned around to look at your boyfriend who was sitting on the couch. Hoseok just widened his eyes and pulled his hand back. You loosen the scarf to reveal the hickeys he left the night before, all over your neck. Namjoon burst out into laughter while the others were astounded by the amount he left.

You were together with the boys at practice as they took a little break to eat something. Meanwhile your boyfriend, Jungkook and Jimin showed you on what choreography they were working on, as you joined them for fun. The last pose of the choreo was with your hands over your head what caused your shirt to slide upwards revealing the hickeys that were all over your stomach.

Hoseok came immediately over to your side to cover you with a hug. Your boyfriend was already in the kitchen preparing something to eat for breakfast while you still were in your pyjamas lying in bed. You noticed the bruises he left on you immediately as you looked in the mirror. You rushed out of your room to face Jimin, who looked up surprised. Jimin stopped you and gently pushed your pants back down and looked over your shoulder.

They all had their mouth open and Jimin tried to cover you up. But the minute you bend down to pick something up, the hoodie slid up a little bit, just enough to reveal the hickeys Jungkook left on you. You jumped up and the other members turned towards Jungkook, teasing him about it.Status: Closed Game! Not open right now.

Just making another link! Kink Ship Game Rules. Drabble Game Rules. If you have an idea for a game, shoot! Otherwise as more games come, they will be updated here!

You can find the full link in my bio! Jeno nct choking, name calling baby girlcorruption kink! Originally posted by t3n. Considering you were only on the 8th floor, all someone had to do was look up. Jeno loved this, every bit of it. You always preferred the bedroom over anywhere else in the house. After all, sex is something private and meant to be treated as such. At least it was until you met Jeno. His low growls mixed with grunts send shivers to your aching core, causing you to tighten around his cock.

Jeno tightens his hold on your throat, caging you tighter against the window. Jeno grips your hips, pulling your lower half flush against his as he pushes into you deeper than before, reaching new depths. You let out a strained moan, loving every bit of his cock pounding into you.

A stark contrast to what his cock was doing between your legs. You attempt to fist the glass, looking for something to hold onto as your high approached you like a storm.

Im rooting for you!!

bts hickeys

But also pls dont overwork urself kay? And nono i mean hellevator was even their predebut but that was also the song that introduced me to them. Oh no I understood that! English is preferred!

Posts Come say hi! He would have no shame in asking. Doyoung: Would become angry and start treating his crush poorly. Only out of pure jealousy. If he and his crush were friends, he would start being rude by cracling hurtful jokes, or snarky remarks.

Truth be told, he might even get a tad but stalkerish, to find out who gave his crush the hickeys, and if they meant much to his crush. He might even joke a little harsh, similar to Doyoung but not as intense.

Yuta: Would do everything he could to try and get his crush to like him back. Hed he overly flirty, overly sweet and a bit cocky. Winwin: Would wish his crush well, and completely ghost on them.

All to protect his sensitive heart. SO I have this idea for a game.Originally posted by cypodin. Taehyung had been so flakey lately. He knew it, too. He had to bail on the last 3 date nights you had planned together. So when he texts that dance practice got done early and that he could come over if you want, you know exactly what you want to do with him tonight.

One particular idea has you running to your room to fish for the panties he bought you for your birthday. You find them in the back of a drawer and slip them on, the matching flimsy lace bralette next. You grab the zip up sweatshirt he left here a few weeks ago and toss it on, swimming in the oversized garment. You hurry to your door and buzz him into the building, waiting excitedly for the knock that comes next. You pull the door open and immediately hold your breath. You swear he gets more handsome every time you see him.

His lips kiss against your hot skin there, and he lifts you to your toes. He brings you inside and shoves the door closed behind you. He sets you down and keeps his face in your neck, breathing the scent of your hair in deeply.

You bring him with you to your room down the hall, smiling as his hands slip around your hips, grazing over your ass. You feel him come up close behind you as you reach the bed, his body pressing against your back, your ass hitting the tops of his thighs. Before he can pull it up and off you, you turn in his grip and smirk, pushing him gently to sit on the edge of the bed. He smirks at your cheeky attitude and allows you to push him by the shoulders down to the soft bed. You move to straddle his thighs, your knees pressing into the mattress on either side of him.

He smirks as he spreads his legs a little, forcing yours to spread with him, bringing you down to sit directly over the prominent bulge straining inside his joggers. He leans back into his elbows, still close enough to you that you hardly need to lean to kiss him.

Your lips press gently against his at first, teasing him into chasing after yours for more. You let him kiss you harder at first, relishing the feeling of his pouty mouth on yours. You pull away too soon for his liking and lean down further to kiss at his neck and jaw. His breath sounds low and a little shaky as you tease him like this.

You know every spot to tease to make him melt for you, and you intend to do just that. You pull away, sitting up on his lap and rolling your hips down against his a bit, smiling when he closes his eyes at the feeling.

You take his hands in yours and pull them from you, moving them down to your legs, just above the knees. He looks at you curiously. You definitely are. You smile at him sweetly but your intentions are anything but innocent. You sit back a bit and slowly unzip the sweatshirt.However he would take the chance to make sure you got a hickey too.

bts hickeys

Keep reading. Thank you all for liking and reblogging our worksit means so much! I hope you guys continue to enjoy our work, it means so much.

bts hickeys

Please do bts reacting to you pulling their hood over their face giving them a kiss on the head and running away. This boy would laugh as he pulled his hood off his head.

He would turn into a mochi, in an instant. His cheeks would have a slight tint of pink too. Something like that would just make him all soft and happy. Right after you ran off he would start giggling while pulling his hood back.

Joon would be slightly confused at first, only because you caught him off guard. The first thing he would do is laugh a little, but not, because he thought it was funny. He would start giggling all happily after you told him. He would get kinda quiet. Like he was a little shocked that you liked his affection. Just because he wants to make you smile and laugh. This boy would get so happy. He would start leaving kisses all over your face too.

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His face would instantly turn into the biggest happiest smile ever. He would start giving you really sweet kisses, while he was still smiling with his extremely happy grin. This baby would start smiling so hard. Then he would pull you closer and give you like forty kisses on your forehead.

Posts ; Archive. Way more than Jackson would tbh. He would want you to give him more. But he would be less shy. I don't actually know what they're called haha I'm really bad when it comes to this : please and thank you! Anonymous asked: Oh man you writing is!!!! It's so good and so cute.


It's just all sorts of wonderful and I hope you have an amazing day! I'm sorry there are so many exclamation points but I just read the boyfriend jongup imagine and my brain is just!!! Anonymous asked: Okay but like I love everything abt your url. Anonymous asked: Please do bts reacting to you pulling their hood over their face giving them a kiss on the head and running away.

BTS Reaction to - You pulling their hood over their face, kissing them, then running away Request; Please do bts reacting to you pulling their hood over their face giving them a kiss on the head and running away gifs are not ours, credits to owners HOSEOK: This boy would laugh as he pulled his hood off his head. How dare you run and not accept mine! See this in the app Show more.Could you maybe do a reaction where you give the boys hickeys right before an event?

I love your blog! Looking in the mirror, Jin would gently trail his fingers over the hickey, a small smile on his lips before he turned to look at you with a small pout.

Jungkook would playfully pretend to be mad at you but would act cute while doing it. Akdjfkf, thank you!! You're amazing and can come and go as you damn well please!!! Anonymous asked: Omg, welcome back! Thank you!! Been going through it mentally but good thing is that I got a new phone yesterday and I love it! And oooh new phone? None of it sounds mean at all! You can do whatever u want with your blog! If they don't like something, then they should leave!

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I mean, this is not a job and you don't have to write if you don't want to either It's not like u get paid for this or like we're wasting our money on you! You're just sharing your amazing writing with us and we should be grateful! Dont feel pressured though because honestly its the worst feeling.

Yee yee anon, I love it akskd thank you so much!! I hope everything is good! Ahhh somewhat? Kinda nervous but also happy ahhh, how are you? See this in the app Show more.


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